Saint Enigma – EX

  • 1  The Rose

    1  The Rose

    I gave the name “X” to one Judas Iscariot, the one who handed over the Messiah to the authorities, when I was in something of a fevered dream. Or maybe it wasn’t a dream. Whatever it was, I don’t think you’d ever believe it was real. A lot of reality is like that. There’s another…

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  • 2  Apocalypse

    2  Apocalypse

    The Doomsday Clock never rang. You might have an image in your mind, a select few of you, who are old enough, who have seen a picture of the top left corner of a clock, how many minutes away we are from nuclear armageddon. That’s not, however, what I am actually referring to. True, that’s…

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  • 3  Magic

    3  Magic

    I went through a period of life, right around my Zen Buddhism phase, where I wanted to be able to perform magic. I guess a little like Aleister Crowley, who invented the term “magick” (and said to pronounce it, “mage-ick”) because the original word had been infected by all the cheap charlatans and stage show…

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  • 4  Conspiracy

    4  Conspiracy

    Once I wrote somewhere that there is no conspiracy: it’s all about the money. There’s also this thing I rather like about Christmastime being a conspiracy of love, which is a bit unfortunate if you think about it, like that song “Father Christmas” where the poor little boys beat up the Santa Claus dude in…

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  • 5  Forty-two

    5  Forty-two

    So, there was this moment, not too long ago, when I realized that I had it. I mean, I was turning it around in my head, poking at it at various places, wondering how I had arrived like I had at the conclusion—I mean, really? Was that it? I mean, Douglas Adams, when he was…

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  • Appendix


    I gave X away, it is true, to the one out there who is not guilty of the baffling betrayal he is accused of. I took the next choice, then, and call myself V, which could be V for Victory, V for Vendetta, V being the roman numeral of 5, the number of magic. It…

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what if love is lighter than nothing?

and quieter than silence?